We have a wonderful, diverse, and dedicated staff that works hard to make the mission of OLAS happen!

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Cristina Ceballos, Program Director

Cristina’s passion for immigrant rights came from bearing witness to the obstacles their own family faced. Cristina joined OLAS in 2020. They have worked on LGBTQ+ Asylum cases at East Bay Sanctuary Covenant since 2017.

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Diana Shapiro, Founder and Facilitator

Diana founded OLAS in 2014 as a response to the abuse and mistreatment of sexual minorities in many parts of Latin America, and to their need for mental health support. Diana is a licensed, bilingual psychotherapist with over a decade of experience working with immigrants from Latin America.

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Francisca Lizana, Clinical Director and Facilitator

Originally from Chile, Francisca is passionate about supporting and celebrating the Latinx community in creative ways. As a licensed bilingual Expressive Arts psychotherapist, she works at her private practice, Blooming Hearts Therapy in Oakland, and is Adjunct Faculty at California Institute For Integral Studies, Expressive Arts Program in San Francisco.

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Pedro Felix, Facilitator

Pedro is a licensed therapist and social worker with more than 15 years of experience working in the mental health sector, primarily in agencies focused on the homeless, people with severe mental illness and/or alcohol or drug addiction, as well as HIV prevention. Pedro is passionate about offering social services to communities most in need. An immigrant from Mexico, Pedro has participated in the OLAS program since 2015.

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Joaquin Basulto, Assistant Facilitator

Joaquin is a permanent U.S. resident who started as a participant in OLAS in 2014.  After attending several events, Joaquin was asked to join the OLAS staff as a co-facilitator. Joaquin works in construction and lives with his partner of 12 years and his beloved dog. Joaquin speaks English and Spanish.

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