What We Do

OLAS provides psychological support and community-building to Latinx LGBT asylum seekers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, reaching 200+ people yearly. OLAS is an emerging best practice in providing psycho-educational support to asylum seekers.

Workshops and Retreats

OLAS workshops and retreats create safe community spaces and a chosen family for LGBT Latinx asylum seekers. Grounded in the five pillars of individual sharing, meditation, nature, education, and expressive art, our events increase a sense of belonging, promote collective healing, and enable participants to connect with themselves and a broader community of support.

Educational Forums

We offer online or in-person classes on themes such as financial literacy, taxes, public speaking, or other themes.

Storytelling and Narrative Change

In collaboration with Amplifying Sanctuary Voices (ASV), we develop multimedia stories that we share through educational exhibits, public events, and classroom presentations to amplify the voices of LGBT asylum seekers and deepen empathy and understanding of their experience in the broader society. 

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